Bender Pro Controller

The next generation of bender control is here!

The CRS Bender Pro controller brings the future of bending into realization.

Pioneered by CRS. Mechanical backup switches are no longer required. Injury due to operator error is minimized.

Featuring complete compensation for speed and direction, enabling true zeroing of home position regardless of speed!

Standard Safety Features:

  • Encoder monitoring.
  • Home sensor monitoring.
  • Eliminates risk of operator injury from component failure.

Optional Safety Features:

  • Laser safety scanner with dual scan zone
  • Bypass mode with monitored rotation speed.
  • Signalling column with audible alarm. Alerts bend direction and laser warnings/faults


  • Time saving pin size/location recommendation for simple tooling setup and operator training
  • Colour-coded bending direction for intuitive operator feedback • 8 Bending stations with repeat function
  • “Quick Angle” buttons for efficient data entry
  • Memory for saving and recalling tags
  • Radius mode for optional radius attachment
  • Piece counter