Tilt-Up Decoilers

With the new TILT-UP DECOILER from CRS coil loading has never been quicker, easier or safer. With coil stock being stored horizontally and the decoilers loaded vertically, loading material has always been a long and unsafe procedure for coil machines. The newly developed and tested tilt-up decoilers have turned coil loading into a safe, one-step operation eliminating coil flipping. All that is required to load the coil is to simply pick the coil from the stack with either a forklift or a crane and just place it on the decoiler spool. The operator stands the loaded coil with a manual control lever from the operating station.

CRS TILT-UP DECOILERS can be installed in place of existing decoilers for ANY make spiral OR coil machine. A hydraulic supply line is required from either the existing hydraulics of the machine or an external optional power pack.


  • 10,000 lbs capacity
  • 15 – 30 second loading time
  • Air brake system
  • Base dimension – 84″ x 96″ (213.4cm x 243.8cm)


  • Tilting direction
  • Hydraulic power pack